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A healthy and happy life depends to a large extent on exactly what we put in our body with food. Optimal intake of vitamins and minerals plays a key role in the proper functioning of our body. In addition to nutrition, it is also important to be physically active.


Caring for health and a better mood starts with a healthy diet and regular physical activity. By using supplements, you can further enrich your diet. In this way, you will provide the body with nutrients that we often lack due to a fast lifestyle, improper diet, limited energy intake, food depletion. We present to you some great products that contribute to a good feeling, better immunity, better mood and generally better health of the entire body.

Vitamin C is of great importance for the normal functioning of the body.

It helps maintaining the normal functioning of the immune system. One of its very important functions is to keep collagen in action (a protein necessary for the creation of connective tissue in the skin, ligaments and bones).

It also contributes to the formation of red blood cells and prevents bleeding. It fights against bacterial and viral infections and reduces the effects of certain substances that cause allergies.

Vitamin C deficiency leads to impaired immunity and greater susceptibility to infections. Also, infections significantly affect vitamin C levels due to increased inflammation and metabolic demands. Furthermore, it seems that vitamin C supplements can prevent and treat respiratory and other infections.

Vitamin D is particularly known for its ability to stimulate calcium absorption. Vitamin D also shows many anti-cancer properties, especially against colon and breast cancer. The incidence of colon and breast cancer is higher in areas where exposure to sunlight is lower.

– It participates in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, and helps in the formation of bones

– It helps in the treatment of conjunctivitis

– Improves resorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestine and fixation in bones

-Contributes to stronger bones and healthier teeth, and is very effective in the development of children.

-Also in recent years, vitamin D has proven to be an excellent support for our immunity, which made it one of the supplements that had a significant place in the fight against Covid-19.

Vitamin E ,a nutritional supplement that also comes in the form of capsules, where one capsule contains 60 mg of Vitamin E. An extremely important nutrient, which is necessary for the normal functioning of immunity, eyesight, skin health, blood reproduction and brain function.

Yamamoto® Nutrition MULTI VITAMIN is a dietary supplement that provides a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals. The product is suitable in case of reduced dietary intake or increased requirements for these nutrients.

It is ideal both for athletes and recreationists as well as for that group of people who is not physically active. It is a phenomenal support for our immunity and it is ideal in situations of increased risk of acquiring viruses, bacteria and fungi.

NAC helps reduce thyroid antibodies. It also promotes our body’s detoxification pathways (which are very often dysfunctional in Hashimoto’s syndrome). Additionally, it helps with conditions such as asthma, osteoporosis, oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, and other ailments related to Hashimoto’s syndrome.

NAC has proven to be a phenomenal preparation in the fight against Covid-19 and is one of the supplements that doctors give to patients.

Yamamoto® Research Imugen® is a dietary supplement of vitamin C, zinc and echinacea extract. Vitamin C and zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system and protect cells from oxidative stress. Zinc contributes to normal cognitive function, while vitamin C contributes to the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion. In addition to that, Imugen® contains Echinacea extracts that support the body’s natural defenses and the functionality of the respiratory tract.

GLR is a dietary supplement based on reduced glutathione (Setria), with vitamins C and selenium. It should be emphasized that both vitamin C and selenium contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, while vitamin C also promotes the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E.

Yamamoto GLR® is formulated in fast-dissolving sublingual tablets, in order to use Setria-Glutathione as quickly as possible. Glutathione is the first line of defense of the human body against oxidative stress, as well as against many xenobiotics to which our body is chronically exposed (toxins, medications, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.), which attack cells and enzymes in our body.


Yamamoto® Research Ashwagandha is a dietary supplement designed to improve the feeling of physical and psychological well-being. Ashwagandha promotes relaxation and a sense of mental satisfaction, while at the same time achieving a tonic and adaptogenic effect, in order to “undo” the feeling of fatigue or tiredness.

For thousands of years, the Ashwagandha plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine and is considered excellent for refreshing the body and recovering from various disorders, for maintaining health and promoting a strong immune system, fertility, etc. Its activities in reducing feelings of nervousness, anxiety and chronic fatigue are widely known, as well as its ability to promote better rest and relaxation of the body and central nervous system, in a word, it acts as a natural anti-stress agent.


Lack of certain nutrients can lead to weaker skin renewal, wrinkles, brittle nails and thinning hair. With food supplements, you can enrich your diet with all the important elements that the body needs to maintain healthy skin, nails and hair.

THE ZINK contains 15 mg of pure zinc in one capsule. Zinc is an important mineral that supports many roles in the body, including the normal function of a healthy immune system and maintaining strong and healthy skin, hair and nails. It is also known to play a key role in the body’s free radical neutralizing activities, and is particularly useful for maintaining healthy aging.

Zinc also supports optimal testosterone levels and as such is very important in men. Also, the positive effects of zinc have been known for a long time when it comes to the prostate, so regular zinc supplementation is recommended for all those who have the above-mentioned problems.

X3M Joint Protect contains key ingredients for joint health. Glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. Glucosamine is a natural building block in cartilaginous parts of the body. It is a part of a larger molecule known as a glycoprotein, and it builds and repairs the cartilage. It lubricates the joints by stimulating the production of fluid that keeps them healthy. In addition, it contains anti-inflammatory properties that make it suitable for people with osteoarthritis. That is, a medical problem of cartilage. Any further damage to the cartilage can also be removed.

Chondroitin works by retaining water and nutrients in the cartilage, giving it structure. This is a very important property since cartilages do not have a blood supply. In other words, it lubricates the joints and keeps the tissue healthy. When that tissue wears down due to aging or injury, that substance is lost and painful diseases come as a result.

X3M Joint Protect contains MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) which is a form of sulfur with important anti-inflammatory properties. The levels of MSM in the human body are highest in the days after birth and infancy, and decline rapidly as time passes. MSM plays a vital role in creating healthy cells without which the body becomes more susceptible to disease and injury.

Hydrolyzed collagen  by the company Yamamoto Research contains peptide collagen VERISOL®, a hydrolyzate based on a bioactive collagen type 1, with very high bioavailability, capable of stimulating the biosynthesis of new collagen and increasing the percentage of elastin in the skin. The result of this is a significant increase in collagen production in the dermis in the extracellular matrix, restoring what has been lost due to the aging process and external factors. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the possibility of improving the functional state of joints and bones and reducing skin aging, significantly improving the depth of wrinkles, significantly improving the shine, firmness and elasticity of the skin. As a real nutraceutical that revives the skin, its intake stimulates the production of collagen by feeding “from the inside” where there is no local collagen treatment, intervening at the level of the “dermis”, the deepest layer of the skin, giving new strength to nails and strengthening hair. The addition of vitamin C will prevent signs of aging and support the action of external agents in the fight against free radicals.

Azgard Tribulus Terrestris is a Mediterranean fruit-producing plant that is becoming increasingly popular among athletes, weightlifters and the elderly.

Our 100% natural powerful standardized extract has a guaranteed concentration (min. 40%) of saponins. Tribulus terrestris has been used for centuries in ancient Greece, India and Africa to support fertility and rejuvenate the body.

Our tribulus has at least 40% saponin content making Azgard Nutrition Tribulus one of the most potent formulas available.