How to lose weight fast?

Fast diets are very popular amongst the people that want to reduce the fat in their body. With great restrictions and reduction of calories almost immediately, of course, rapid weight loss occurs – which is primarily the result of losing excess fluid. Therefore, the faster you lose pounds, the faster you will gain them back, which achieves the famous “yo-yo” effect, which is completely undesirable. 

That is why it is not recommended to go on fast and rigorous diets and there is no good and fast long-term weight loss, because those fat deposits did not form overnight, so you cannot expect it to disappear so quickly. What is important is the fact that in the phase of weight loss (but healthy weight loss without rigorous diets and later fluctuations in weight) you must put all the pieces together in order to achieve the desired results and a smaller number of kilos that will not come back so easily later. 

After all, it is not recommended for health reasons to lose too many pounds in a short period of time. It’s even worse to return them after that. Because it affects your health – first of all, the secretion of hormones. To achieve this goal, the most important thing is a well-balanced diet. By saying this, it is understood that a diet regime should be implemented and that 5-6 meals should be provided during the day. Smaller, more frequent meals which will certainly please your body due to easier digestion, and therefore better utilization without accumulation of excess food in fat deposits. Here it is understood that you have 3 meals, and the rest should be snacks in the form of some fruit, and in the afternoon that snack can consist of a handful of nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, etc. As far as meals are concerned, in the weight loss phase, a high-protein diet with a decrease in carbohydrate intake and an increase in protein intake is recommended. 

You should control the intake of carbohydrates, especially in the afternoon and evening. During the day, when you feel that you need energy, you should go for higher-quality complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, potatoes, oatmeal, legumes, whole-wheat pastries, etc. Complex carbohydrates are broken down more slowly and longer, so they create a feeling of satiety for longer, and, therefore, also provide energy to the body for all efforts. They are not so much “enemies” of your good lines and diet. Simple carbohydrates are the ones that are the problem, and they are, for example, all sugars (which is why you often hear that sweets and carbonated drinks are undesirable in a diet for weight loss). They are only recommended immediately after training, when it is necessary to provide a quick replenishment of glycogen, and they help us to absorb nutrients more easily, and yet without the fear that they will then go into fat. That’s when people go for dextrose, which is the simplest sugar – more precisely, it is glucose, and it will reach the bloodstream the fastest. After a balanced diet, an equally important item is working out. Weights are not opponents of weight loss as many thinks. Quite the opposite. With weight training, you can achieve good results and build muscle mass, and muscles are the best burners of subcutaneous fat, which means – more muscle, less fat. 

Just base yourself on work with a higher number of repetitions, it is not necessary to force heavy weights, it is important to work more intensively, with smaller breaks between sets. And the most important thing about working-out for weight loss is cardio training, which is indispensable in this story. You can carry it out independently of weight training. Many choose morning cardio, on an empty stomach, which certainly has positive results on fat burning, because the body then has no other source of “fuel” except subcutaneous fat, but care must be taken to ensure that sufficient intake of nutrients is ensured afterwards: proteins and amino acids (some through food, some through supplements) in order to protect your muscles from catabolism, i.e. breakdown. Because, again, our goal is to lose fat, but also to preserve muscle. 

In addition to that option, you have the option to perform cardio as part of weight training. In this case, it may be a better option to do it after weight training, because the body is already active and warmed up and you will quickly reach the maximum. Now it is time for supplementation, which you can include in order to speed up and facilitate reaching the desired goal – losing weight. Here you can go for a variant of a weaker, but not insignificant burner, such as L-carnitine, especially if you already have a good workout. 

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