Fat burners and weight loss 

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Whether you want to lose a few kilos, or you want to achieve the ultimate muscle definition, preparations that can ease your way to achieving your goal are fat burners. At the base of every program for reducing body weight and obtaining muscle definition – where we want to remove subcutaneous fat, there is nutrition. Immediately after it comes quality training, as a support.  
Then there are nutritional supplements, among other things, fat burners, which are there to help you speed up your metabolism, burn fat more efficiently during training, accelerate detoxification of the body, raise your training to a higher level, reduce appetite, expel excess water from the body, and certain fat burners contain ingredients that are very beneficial to our health. 

Some of the burners with a more complex composition also contain an anti-catabolic complex, which means that they protect your muscles from breakdown, because it is very difficult to maintain the existing muscle mass during a strict diet and strenuous training. When it comes to burning fat, increasing energy and improving resistance to muscle fatigue, this is what the amino acid fat burner L-Carnitine is known for. This is a completely healthy and safe fat burner to take and there are no side effects.           Fat Burner – L-Carnitine plays a key metabolic role in stimulating weight loss by helping to transport fat to the mitochondria where it is burned for energy. 

Endurance and strength – clinical research has shown that the fat burner L-Carnitine supports the performance of sports activities and the endurance of athletes, by raising the body’s energy level. By relying more on fat for energy, with this fat burner, the body reduces glycogen in the muscles. All this, combined with the reduction of lactic acid accumulation in the muscles, can extend the exercise capacity before fatigue. 

Heart Health – There are various published studies that show that the fat burner L-Carnitine is useful in increasing the productivity of the heart, improving its function, stimulating its energy supply and improving the work of the cardiovascular system. 

More complex fat burners contain more ingredients, and these are natural preparations intended to support more efficient use of fat as an energy source, to speed up metabolism. Fat burners can stimulate thermogenesis and the burning of the fat tissue, give more energy for working-out, reduce appetite, and encourage the body to increase the natural production of hormones that are particularly responsible for fat tissue and the speed of metabolism. Fat burners can also reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, remove excess water from the body, keep the blood sugar level constant, and much more. 


  1. L carnitine fat burner – affects the metabolism by increasing the breakdown of fatty acids, also improves the metabolism of amino acids and pyruvate and accelerates muscle recovery while reducing their inflammation 
    2. Acetyl L carnitine fat burner – this form leads to greater release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and has a mild stimulatory effect. It also has an anti-catabolic effect, reducing the fall of the primary male chorus. 
    3. Caffeine fat burner – the best studied and most popular fat burner. Accelerates thermogenesis, increases endurance, improves mental abilities, guarana is the most powerful form of caffeine. 
    4. Tyrosine AK fat burner, precursor of thyroid hormones and neurotransmitters of adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine in the body and leads to known effects of these substances. 
    5. Taurine fat burner is naturally found in the body, dissolves lipids, increases the effect with caffeine and protects the liver  
    6. Tyramine from tyrosine, a fat burner, is abundant in chocolate, fish, alcohol, cheese, soy and meat. It stimulates the secretion of adrenaline and leads to an increase in blood pressure, and it comes from bitter orange extract. 
    7. Octopamine is the fat burner of the latest generation, and it derives from bitter orange extract. A selective beta 3 agonist, meaning it stimulates adipose tissue and leads to fat burning (like synephrine) 
    8. Phenylalanine – essential amino acid, precursor of tyrosine fat burner 
    9.HCA – hydrochloric acid – fat burner reduces the feeling of hunger, blocks the conversion of carbohydrates into fat 
    10. Chitosan – fat burner reduces fat absorption more effectively than herbal preparations, reduces total cholesterol, increases HDL cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, approved as a weight loss drug 
    11. Synephrine – fat burner extract of bitter orange, stimulates thermogenesis and fat oxidation, increases basal metabolism, effect similar to ephedrine but without bad effects on the heart and blood pressure. 
    12. Dandelion, gooseberries – fat burners, diuretics (increased water excretion) 
    13. Guggulsterone – fat burner stimulates thyroid hormone activation (metabolism activators), reduces LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, increases HDL cholesterol 
    14. Chromium picolinate – fat burner regulates metabolism by increasing the activity and utilization of insulin – reduces adipose tissue and increases muscle mass 
    15. White willow – the fat burner contains salicin, which has a thermogenic effect similar to synephrine and caffeine. Reduces muscle inflammation and speeds up recovery 
    16.Ginger – fat burner reduces stomach acidity (e.g., caused by taking supplements with HCA) 
    17. St. John’s wort – fat burner, beneficial effect, calms all types of inflammation 
    18. Green tea – a fat burner increases thermogenesis and thereby accelerates basal metabolism by 10%, slows down the release of carbohydrates and lowers their glycemic index. 
    19. Cayenne extract – fat burner stimulates adrenaline secretion, increases basal metabolism, reduces the feeling of hunger. 
    20. Forskolin – a fat burner increases the level of AMP, increases thermogenesis, stimulates the thyroid gland, increases the utilization of fats and reduces their deposition. 
    21. White bean extract – fat burner, lowers blood sugar level, diuretic. 

This group also includes milder fat burners that do not directly affect the work of the heart, do not increase thermogenesis and the work of the thyroid gland, and in addition to l-carnitine, these are, for example, fat burner CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which promotes fat metabolism and cardiovascular health, chromium picolinate which maintains stable blood sugar levels, white kidney bean extract, a fat burner which acts as a carb blocker and more.. 

Frequently asked questions about fat burners 

How do fat burners work? 

Fat burners are natural preparations intended to support the body in more efficient consumption of fat and its use as a source of energy, to speed up metabolism, to stimulate thermogenesis and burning of fat tissue, to give more will and energy for training, to reduce appetite, to encourage the body to increase the natural production of hormones that are particularly responsible for the amount of fat tissue and the speed of metabolism. Fat burners can also reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, remove excess water from the body, keep the blood sugar level constant, and much more. Another reason why people choose to use a fat burner is the drop in energy that occurs due to the reduction of the amount of carbohydrates in high-protein diets. Fat burners are an excellent helper in these cases as well. Of course, not all fat burners are the same and they do not work on all functions at once and for this reason not every fat burner is suitable for every person. Saying that, it is necessary to take into account gender, age, level of training, state of health and possible health problems. 

Do I have to watch my diet and exercise while using fat burners? 

Absolutely. Nutrition and physical activity are the basis of any program for weight loss, reduction of body fat, and without them it is realistically difficult to expect serious results. Fat burners are not a shortcut to losing weight, but a supplement that will help you get the maximum result from your diet and training! 

Written by Peđa Petrović Ogistra Sports supplements 

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