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Taking care of your figure and wanting to eat something sweet and tasty while still containing quality calories? Try some of our protein recipe suggestions! 

As you know, protein serves as a dietary supplement, to increase the total daily protein intake (which is often not an easy thing to do only through diet) and to improve recovery after training, which is very important for every athlete.  

Another great thing about protein is that it tastes great! 

So if you crave sweets or a tasty meal on a monotonous diet, why don’t you try one of our very simple protein meals? 

We will give you some suggestions 

Protein pancakes 

Preparing protein pancakes is very simple. Instead of flour, put a scoop of protein in a bowl and add 2 egg whites, keep adding water or almond milk until you get the desired thickness of the mixture (like for pancakes). Beat well with a mixer. The pancakes will turn out better if you add a little oat flour (ground oatmeal). Bake on a pan and, if desired, you can add wild berries of your choice on top. Also, if you wish, you can add a little pure cocoa without sugar and a little cinnamon to the mixture. You can also mash a banana and add it as a filling. 

Rafaello protein balls 

Mix some low-fat cheese of your choice and a scoop of vanilla or strawberry protein (without adding water), add almonds and make balls, which you will then roll in coconut. 

Strawberry milkshake 

Mix a scoop of strawberry-flavored protein with 300 ml of cold almond milk. Add the fruit of your choice (strawberries or berries are best) and blend well in a blender. If you don’t mind the calories, strawberry-flavored fruit yogurt also goes well with this combination. 

Chocolate-hazelnut shake 

Mix a scoop of chocolate-flavored protein with 300 ml of cold milk and add ground hazelnuts and a teaspoon of sugar-free cocoa. Blend in a blender and enjoy an excellent quality milk shake! 

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