Priorities in the selection of supplements 


The most frequent questions from beginners concerns the priorities when it comes to taking supplementation.  
In general, dietary supplements or nutritional supplements are products whose purpose is to supplement nutrition with the aim of meeting the needs for micro and macronutrients, as well as other important ingredients in order to preserve health, proper development of the body, achieve a better appearance and possibly improve performance, both for athletes and recreationists. 

As key words, we put “purpose for supplementing nutrition” therefore, we focus on quality, varied and balanced nutrition, a well-formulated training plan, and supplements are the third link to success.  


There is a big difference between ordinary recreational players and top athletes. 

Every person is individual and despite the same physical efforts, weight, sex, health condition, it is necessary to identify the true need of the individual for a supplement in general. 

That would also be the answer to every “beginners” question about supplements that have been proven to work. 

Therefore, it is possible that the absence of the desired effect of a supplement depends not only on the “strength of the supplement”, but also on factors related to HEALTH CONDITION, WELL DOSED AND PROFESSIONALLY GUIDED TRAINING, TIMING OF REST BETWEEN TRAINING SESSIONS, as well as HAVING A QUALITY DIET. 

Don’t live in a fairy tale world thinking that supplements work for you and make up for all your fails in terms of training and nutrition – they are, after all, a modest supplement to a process that depends primarily on yourself. 

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