– 35 grams of protein per serving (2 pancakes)

– With little fat and almost no sugar
– Easy, tasty and quick to prepare, just add water
– An ideal breakfast for weight loss
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Besplatna dostava u Crnoj Gori pri kupovini preko 59.99 €

If you’re like most fit and active people, you’ve probably given up on pancakes because they couldn’t provide your body with the nutrition it needs.
Especially if you’ve been on a diet or trying to lose weight!
One product will change that. Introducing diet pancakes!
Imagine this… A plate full of fluffy pancakes just for you, ready in minutes so you can indulge in the peace of mind that not only did you not cheat on your meal plan, but you provided your body with quality protein.
A low-fat, high-fiber meal that will help you lose weight faster and keep you full and satisfied for hours to come.
Diet pancakes are the perfect option for those who lead a healthy lifestyle who do not want to give up their favorite foods. A delicious breakfast food that is quick and easy to prepare. The perfect meal for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy weight or shed unwanted body fat.
Our mixes are designed not only for great nutrition, but also for convenience. All you need is water. You can use milk or any liquid of your choice. We recommend almond milk.
YES! We suggest adding egg instead of water and reducing the total amount of liquid. (You also add 7g of protein!)
You can also use diet pancakes in other recipes from doughnuts, banana bread and cookies to casseroles and pizza crusts!
Oats are not related to gluten-containing grains such as wheat, barley and rye. They do not contain gluten, but proteins called avenins that are non-toxic and tolerated by most celiacs (perhaps less than 1% of celiacs show a reaction to large amounts of oats in their diet).
Product name: THE Diet Pancakes (750 g) Description: THE Diet pancakes are the perfect option for those who lead a healthy lifestyle who do not want to give up their favorite foods. A delicious food for breakfast that is quick and easy to prepare. The perfect meal for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy body weight or lose unwanted fat. 35 grams of protein per meal (2 pancakes), low percentage of fat and almost no sugar. Produced in/Imported from: Slovenia For T.H.E., d.o.o. products: Sanivita d.o.o., Obrtna cona Ugar 29, 1310 Ribnica, Slovenia
Exclusive distributor: Supplementet House D.O.O., Šeik Zaida 13, Podgorica, Tel: +38267997090
Importer: Montenomaks, Curilac bb, Danilovgrad, Montenegro. Tel/Fax: +38277200004/+38277200001 Best used until the end: marked on the package
Series: marked on the package (lot number)
Nutritional value Net packaging: 750 g Serving size: 50 g (2 scoops) Per serving Kcal/Kj 188 kcal Protein 35 g Carbohydrates 7.5 g – Sugars 0.3 g – Fiber 1.2 g Fat 2 g – Saturated fat 0 , 18 years old
Ingredients: (natural) Protein blend (whey protein concentrate, egg proteins, casein), oatmeal, baking powder, sweeteners: acesulfame potassium Ingredients (chocolate vanilla) Protein blend (whey protein-whey concentrate, egg proteins, casein), oats flakes, baking powder, aroma: vanilla, chocolate, sweetener: acesulfame potassium
Preparation: Mix 2 scoops with water and bake like regular pancakes. As a topping, you can use Meridian organic peanut butter or whey protein, for example THE Amino Whey. Information on allergens: The product contains lactose and gluten. Prepare immediately before consumption! Storage method: Store in a dry and cool place, away from direct light, moisture and heat. Keep out of reach of children.
Warning: Consult a doctor/nutritionist before use. Not recommended for people under 18 years of age. It is not recommended for people sensitive to any of the ingredients. Recommended daily doses must not be exceeded. Nutritional supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet. The product should be kept out of the reach of small children.

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Neto: 750g
Size of portion: 50 g (2 scoop)
Per portion: Kcal/Kj 188 kcal
Proteins: 35g
Carbohydrats: 7.5g
Sugars: 0.3g
Fiber: 1.2g
Masti: 2g
saturated fat 0.18g

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