Yamamoto® Nutrition Iso-FUJI® is obtained by the most expensive filtration process in order to isolate the purest part of the protein. Iso-FUJI definitely ranks first among the best proteins in the world in terms of quality, composition, digestion, absorption and taste.

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Iso-FUJI® is a nutritional supplement that was created by isolation, i.e. cross-ultrafiltration and microfiltration of Volactive® Ultra Whey XP.
Microfiltration (CMF) is the most expensive process for isolating whey-based protein supplements, but it is also the one that best protects the integrity and presence of bioactive protein fractions, which determine protein quality.
The whey obtained in the first stage of ultrafiltration is transferred through the apparatus, which, using a membrane filter system, continues with further progressive filtration, through which other unwanted particles are removed, including minerals, lipids and lactose.
It is suitable for athletes who engage in strenuous physical activity, for athletes who engage in any form of sport, whether recreationally or at a professional level.
Yamamoto Iso Fuji, the product is enriched with vitamin B6, which serves primarily against fatigue, and a well-known ingredient that serves as a natural enzyme for digestion – BROMELAIN – has been added to the composition.
Iso Fuji whey proteins contain branched chain amino acids (BCAA).
Whey protein isolate (WPI, whey protein isolate) is the purest form of whey.
Iso Fuji has less than 0.1% lactose, so you can consume it even if you are lactose sensitive or intolerant.
Microfiltered proteins are 99% undenatured and retain all important bioactive peptide fractions of undenatured whey.
Iso-FUJI® does not contain collagen with other elements that change the quality or biological value of the product.
Method of use: add 3 scoops (30 grams) of powder to 80 ml of water or your favorite beverage and take once a day, after main meals or an hour before training. It can also be taken after training/competition.
Note: Nutritional supplements cannot be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle! Keep out of reach of children.
Warnings: The product is not recommended for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, people hypersensitive to some of the ingredients, especially milk and soy proteins, as well as people with kidney and liver diseases. Long-term use, as well as use by pregnant women or children without medical supervision, is not recommended.
Storage method: Store in a dry and cool place at room temperature, protected from heat sources and direct sunlight.
Allergen information: Contains milk and soy.
Best used by: Written on the product itself.
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Nutritional values 100g 30g
Energy values 1563KJ/368kCal 469KJ/110kCal
Proteins 86,5g 26,0g
Carbohydrates- 1,4g 0,4g
Of that sugars 0,9g 0,3g
Fats- 1,5g 0,5g
Of these fatty acids 1,3g 0,4g
Salt 0,5g 0,2g
Fibers 1,8g 0,06g
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS 100g 1 dose(30g)
Obtained by ultrafiltration and crossed microfiltration 97,7g 29,31g
Bromelain (2500 GDU/g)
From the pineapple stem 100mg/250 30mg/75
Enzyme activity (GDU)
Pyridoxine chloride
(Vitamin B6) 1,4mg 0,42mg
L-Alanine 4,63g
L-Arginine 1,67g
L-Aspartic Acid 9,35g
L-Cysteine* 2,09g
L-Glutamic Acid 15,96g
L-Glycine 1,33g
L-Histidine* 1,36g
L-Isoleucine* 6,40g
L-Leucine* 8,70g
L-lysine* 8,60g
L-Methionine* 1,90g
L-Phenylanine* 2,47g
L-Proline 5,33g
L-Serine 4,37g
L-Threonine* 6,24g
L-Tryptophan* 1,41g
L-Tyrosine* 2,35g
L-Valine* 5,84g

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